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Fully customized personal nutrition coaching.

Guidance, support, accountability, communication.


1-time eating habits assessment

Works as one time assessment of your eating habits and after - recommendations/tips/guidelines and personal portion plan.

Also includes:

- first 1-hour consultation;
- assessment of 3-day food log;
- second 1-hour final consultation.

One time payment - 5,000 THB.

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Personal 1:1 coaching that can last as long as you need.

We will work closely together, you will get my daily guidance and support.


- initial nutrition assessment;

- weekly check in calls;

- custom step by step nutrition program;

- constant food log assessment and evaluation;

- healthy eating habits development;

- assessment forms, all the additional

resources for development of healthy habits;

- constant online communication and support if needed;

- supermarket shopping lists and meal prep ideas/plans

and much more.

Month to month basis - 12,000THB/per month;

Packages for long-term coaching available.

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For the health of your employees

Group coaching/seminars/presentations for your employees to build a healthy work place and take care of people you work with.

​*prices vary depending on what you want to work on/how many employees/frequency etc.

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Nutrition coaching: Services
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